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Simplifying your studies is our primary goal. We give you meaningful content
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Based on a Unique Connected Learning Technique (CLT)
Our learning experts know what top student do differently from average students. They boil down a chapter into its most important key ideas and use them to connect both the concepts taught as well as the answers that your teachers want. You don’t even have to understand the techniques, we have done that work for you. You have to simply study it and soon your understanding will match those of the toppers.

Follow a stepped study plan
There is a lot of material to cover in the textbook and then the amount of effort you have to put in -just to find and study the most important question and answers is pretty insane. We feel this burden is useless and should be removed. For this, we worked extra-hard to breakdown our chapters into small digestible steps (with mock FA/SA tests) so that you dont have to waste time searching and organizing.

Know when you are done!
The most difficult task for anyone is to know how much studying is enough. That is why parents tell their kids to study more and study everyday! We have solved this problem. Based on your progress our system calculates your Chapter Preparedness Index (CPI). This will clearly tell you ans your parents which chapter you need to work on and when you are done.

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