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Ezee Learning online education portal is one of the product of Apt EduSoft Private Limited. It is one of the growing organization, spanning its root in customer satisfaction through various service areas. Apt EduSoft is driven by very experienced team of Managers, having a whole strategy to drive high quality, solutions, and our product Ezee Learning itself is a part of that plan.

Ezee Learning is the brainchild of a young team of professionals from different service industry which is very passionate about education. Through Ezee Learning we wish to provide high quality and measurable learning experience to K-12 students not only to privileged class but also to the remote part of our country utilizing technological advancements.

We are having large team of highly qualified teachers and academician along with professionals from various industries who can provide counseling and guide students in different aspect of life. This team is aptly supported by technical and software geeks who are utilizing technology as a best aid for student in understanding the subject.

We are collaborating with various education institutes and other organization to provide quality online learning and prepare our student for success. Our approach is to help students in clear understanding of concept through different modes so that these concepts get imprinted in the minds and creates solid foundation for holistic growth of student.

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