• Why Franchising?
  • EzeeLearning is looking for high caliber individuals / groups / teams to become their franchisees to conduct programs under the EzeeLearning Franchisee Program. Thus, if you are the right type of individual who has an appetite for growth, This is the right chance!

  • Ezee-Franchisee Solution
  • EzeeLearning is an innovative yet very simple solution for franchisee as well as student. Classrooms at the Ezee Center will be able to access the study material, tests, videos, animation by accessing the application from website Addition to study material available at the Ezee Center, each student will be provided student login. With this login, student will be able to logon to our web portal and access the study material. With the same study material available over the internet, student can access the same at their residence to revise the topic and take test. This way Student will get better perspective and have enhanced learning.

  • Addition to that our experts can give lectures and career counseling to the students online on various subjects. This service will be provided at pre-decided time in consultation with Franchisee

  • Franchisee Requirements
  • The franchisees for Ezee Learning should have:
    •   *  A flair for online education
    •   *  Self-initiator, flexible and open to new ideas
    •   *  Have marketing guts and attitude
    •   *  Space with minimum area of 850 sq. ft. where at least two classes where minimum of 20 students can study

  • We provide our franchisees with:
    •   *  Product training
    •   *  Marketing training
    •   *  Operational training
    •   *  Marketing material
    •   *  Database support
    •   *  SMS and e-mail marketing support
    •   *  Exclusivity in the area / region

  • Role of Apt Edusoft (Ezee Learning)
    • Apt EduSoft will provide the study / teaching material
    • Apt EduSoft will provide initial and ongoing training to the teachers as desired by the EzeeCenter with maximum of 5 days.
    • Apt EduSoft will provide support as and when required.
    • Infrastructure Guidance
    • Advertisement in media catering to higher level market
    • Marketing Plan & Guidelines
    • Test Series for the student

  • Role of Franchisee
    • Local Marketing ,Visibility & other promotional activities
    • Centers Administration
    • Following the adopted systems of the EzeeLearning in regards to Quality, Marketing and Training
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